Alfred 2 Workflow – FTPscreenshot

What it does: press the hotkey (CMD+SHIFT+8 for fullscreen or CMD+SHIFT+9 for region capture) and the workflow will take and […]

Alfred 2 Workflow – Convertor BNR *ACTUALIZAT*

ACTUALIZARE: Pentru cei care au descărcat deja workflow-ul meu, vă rog să o faceți din nou. Mulțumită lui @tbdr am […]


VM Depot–find, deploy and share images for Windows Azure

VM Depot is a community-driven catalog of preconfigured operating systems, applications, and development stacks that can easily be deployed on […]


Source Code Pro – New font from Adobe

Adobe released a free font for developers. It is called Source Code Pro. You can view the annoucement here or […]

Accessing a CodeIgniter controller via CLI for usage within cron jobs

There are two ways to access CodeIgniter controllers from the CLI. One is presented in the CodeIgniter documentation and it […]


Routing multiple subdomains using the same CodeIgniter installation

I’ve recently worked on an online portal with product listings for companies. The portal would allow paying customers to have […]


Ugly fix for empty subject in CodeIgniter batch e-mail sending

This has happened to me a lot when trying to send batch e-mails using CodeIgniter 2.x. The first e-mail sent […]


A better Android emulator

I’ve ran across this website when I was looking for an easy to use android emulator to test how a […]